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Seen On eBay: RM Minifigures [24 Jul 2011|01:06am]

[ mood | neutral / positive ]

Anyone collect RM minifigures? I saw these on eBay today: minifigure kits of Suiseiseki, Suiginto & Hina Ichigo.

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[10 Sep 2009|07:48am]

[ mood | anxious ]



ImageHost.org ImageHost.org

Here@ lamadeth

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Shoujo Ai Showdown [Guild] @GarmRo [06 May 2008|05:00pm]


Do you love Shoujo Ai? Do you enjoy online games for free? Then this is for you!

Shoujo Ai Showdown on GarmROCollapse )

Xposted to a number of shoujo ai communities.
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BECAUSE I CAN DOUBLE POST. [08 Mar 2008|11:49am]

JOIN peachp_icontest. ^__^

♪ [001-048] Shugo Chara! [episode 17]
♪ [049-051] Kingdom Hearts [doujinshi]
♪ [052-058] BLEACH [doujinshi]
♪ [059-070] Rozen Maiden Oveture [episode 01]
♪ TOTAL = 070.



follow the fake cut to my LJ~~
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icontest community?! [03 Jan 2008|03:24pm]

This comm hasn't died, right? xD;

[I know this is my first post here and it's advertising >_>;]
Happy 2008! I hope you all had a nice Christmas, too! *_*;

more info under cut?!Collapse )
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Icon post! [07 Oct 2007|05:44pm]

[8x] Rozen Maiden
[8x] Beauty and the Beast
[1x] Little Mermaid
[10x] Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Total [27x] icons.


Rest can be viewed HERE. @ lunatic_icons 

Thank you for watching. Please leave comment if you take an icon.
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Otakon Rozen Maiden Meet Up [14 Jul 2007|05:19pm]

Hey everyone over in RM Fan land ! This shall be my first post, but this is flyer to all you kids going to Otakon 2007 ^__^

Rozen Maiden Gathering Otakon 2007
Friday July 20th 2007 1:00 PM in the Foutains Area

The location might possibly change due to the demand that photoshoots not take place in that area due to concerts and main events being held there.
I'll be there in full Shinku cosplay ! Hope to see some of you there for taking photos or participating ^__^
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Doujinshi CrossFire part 1-24 hafe. [13 Jul 2007|04:51am]

[ mood | working ]

Title:Rozen Maiden Doujinshi (Crossfire)
Artist:Raid SLASH C-Series.
Rating:To What you think it Should be.
Warnings (such as death, rape, etc):Angst/Action.
Description:Doujinshi That is Alter Story of Rozen Maiden Ending.
Critique Wanted: Up to you.
Dedication:A Gift to Club.
Anything Else:Beside it Slash name it has nothing slash maybe a tiny bit but other then that is all action I found this on a Japanese Sight I But I only post hafe of Vol.1 I don't know if it Right to Post Doujinshi here yet. My 1st Post here So Please Forgive me if I upset someone...

CrossFire Page 1-24Collapse )

Remember this is Vol.1 hafe of it there is Still Vol.2 and Vol.3 yet. IF you want me to post them just ask okay?. *Phew* My 1st time posting here so be nice to a Fan girl of such. and Enjoy!.

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[30 May 2007|10:53pm]

Hello to you all.

I apologize in advance for a bit of an off topic post, but this is something I believe concerns us all.

I'm quite sure most of you have already read on your friend lists about this unfair deletions and the lack of response from LJ.

There are some people sending petitions and complaints to LJ, yet there are others that feel doing that is perhaps too tiresome, so instead this community has been created fandom_counts which isn't one where you can post, in fact this is a body count and the request being made is for everyone to join it with every single journal they have.

Writing journals. RP journals. Hidden journals. Forgotten journals. Old and no longer used journals. Personal journals. Fandom journals.

Every journal you own, the idea is to make a statement, if a quiet one. Joining is easy and quick and it will help us all keep our rights and make our voices be heard. So please join it.

The community was only created today and is already well over 17,000 users.

Thank you for your time.

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Artbook. [21 Apr 2007|12:13am]

Does anyone know, where I can find scans of Rozen Maiden artbook?
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[15 Apr 2007|02:34am]

Someone, Someone must have the Ouverture ending them, "Utsusemi no Kage". Cough it up. :P

I mean, hi. I'm new here.
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2 more wallpapers ^_^ [10 Mar 2007|07:07am]

[ mood | calm ]

I felt inspired, so here you go. I have two wallpapers dedicated to the siblings: the 3rd Rozen Maiden, Suiseiseki, and the 4th Rozen Maiden, Souseiseki (whom we tragically lost) so I hope you like them!

I'm thinking of trying out a Suigin Tou wallpaper once I find out how to extract her wings.

Like I say, if you wish to use this wallpaper, credits ^_^

Here ya go!

Suiseiseki Wallie
Souseiseki Wallie

EDIT: Thank you raven_goth for pointing out that Kanaria is the 2nd Rozen Maiden, and that the twins are 3rd and 4th.  ^_^

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Baragoku Otome Fanlisting [10 Feb 2007|09:44pm]

Click below.

Suggestions and such appreciated.

Crossposted to alicegame.
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More ALiBAT Problems-- Where's the "play" Button? [19 Jan 2007|07:10pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

*rises from the dead*

I asked a question about this game already, so I'm sorry if this is a little annoying to ask, too. =/ 

So... I downloaded the new version (1.5, with Kirakishou as a playable character) and as soon as I open the game, I get the title screen, but no play button. It sorta comes out looking like this.

How do I actually, you know, get to play this game? Comments and suggestions are apperciated. ^^;

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RM goodness for sale! [01 Jan 2007|08:26pm]

Hi everyone! I have a gorgeous set of Rozen Maiden cards for sale. I also have an adorable keychain set too. Check out my page for details! ^_^

Take a look!
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[01 Jan 2007|02:42pm]

Rozen Maiden
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Hina-ichigo wallie [30 Dec 2006|09:03am]

[ mood | hot ]

Alright, I'm back and this time, I have a Hina-ichigo wallpaper for y'all. Hopt you guys like it.

And once again, if you want to use it for personal reasons, feel free to, as long as you give me creditzzzz (XDD)

{[(Hina-Ichigo Wallpaper)]}

Enjoy, and please comment ^_^

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Shinku wallie! [27 Dec 2006|09:32am]

[ mood | giddy ]

I created one wallpaper for Rozen Maiden, and I am actually very proud of it.
It is a Shinku wallpaper with northern lights as the background. I'm sort of a novice at northern lights, and this is my first attempt of an extraction using a vector mask (I hope you guys understood that) but I hope you like it!

Oh, and if you are willing to use it for any personal reasons, please feel free to use, but please, PLEASE credit. I do not support plagiarism.

Shinku Wallpaper

Once again, please credit! I hope you like it!

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What kind of file is ALiBAT? [23 Dec 2006|04:58pm]

[ mood | worried ]

I just downloaded the Online RMA game on my computer. The only thing is, I have NO idea how to use it. Is there a certain program I need to play it?

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Traumend Palm Figure, Kanaria up for sale! [19 Nov 2006|09:38pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Buy Kana Here! =3

I keep on trying to sell this, so please bid on it.

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